Disability, Employment, and Public Policies​ Initiative (DEPPI)

Disability, Employment, and Public Policies​ Initiative (DEPPI)

DEPPI organizes webinar on the integration of sex and gender

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Gender and sex considerations are now a standard of good practice in health research design in Canada. Men and women have biological characteristics and “gendered” life paths. Approaches that are sensitive to these differences are needed in all research designs, even if the study is not focused on this component.

Similarly, interventions and recommendations that result from research must consider the characteristics that are specific to women and men in the messages and knowledge transfer strategies proposed.

The DEPPI team is committed to investing time and effort to integrate these components in all research products developed as part of this project, while also respecting the fields and interests of each researcher, the research program and its objectives.

DEPPI organized a webinar on November 9, 2018, for all the researchers on the project, in order to present the conceptual frameworks and various approaches for addressing this question. Marie Laberge, a team member and expert on sex and gender issues, led this meeting.

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