Disability, Employment, and Public Policies​ Initiative (DEPPI)

Disability, Employment, and Public Policies​ Initiative (DEPPI)


As part of its dissemination strategy, the DEPPI will produce a series of video: (1) progress reports on the activities of the initiative, (2) videos explaining research and results and (3) videos explaining public policy recommendations.

On 21 September 2018, researchers and partners of the Disability, Employment, and Public Policy Initiative gathered to celebrate the funding announcement of the second project phase.

As a part of its strategy to disseminate research activities and results, DEPPI will produce a series of progress reports about the initiative activities.

DEPPI relies on the involvement of its different partners. They contribute to project development and participate actively in financing the initiative. The partnership’s research agenda is driven by the interests of its partners who all agreed to play a key role in the organization’s governance.

The DEPPI would like to conduct interviews of about 90 minutes with representatives of the human resources of large organizations in Quebec.These interviews will focus on the perceptions and challenges associated with integrating people with disabilities.To join the DEPPI team and participate in the study, contact manuel.paradis.1@ulaval.ca.

Conference entitled "Difficulties of employability of people with disabilities: a field survey." Presented on December 5, 2017 during Université Laval's Social Science Research Week.


DEPPI’s logo illustrates the partnership’s main objective: to produce public policy solutions that promote the employability of people with disabilities in an evolving labour market.The steep, pale-coloured slopes in the logo represent the adversities that people living with disabilities experience. The work of DEPPI aims to make these slopes less sheer; this is represented by the darker colours. The logo’s main colours call back to the red and gold of Université Laval, the project’s host institution. The grey evokes the complexity of the various issues addressed by the initiative’s researchers and partners.


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